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Chinese landscape paintings are designed to transport you back to nature...without even leaving your work desk Relax Like Your in 12th Century China

"Wright attacked the traditional room at its point of greatest strength - at the corner...when demonstrated [this] is one of the most important discoveries ever made in architecture" [PDF] Frank Lloyd Wright and the Destruction of the Box *see especially Figures 3,7,10 & 13

Every creature on earth has approximately two billion heartbeats to spend in a lifetime. Spend a few hundred and read this beautifully written article on the many thunderous wild hearts in the animal kingdom by Brian Doyle entitled Joyas Volardores (from the American Scholar, autumn 2004)

Pisumsativum: a living being capable of basic learning and communication are being eradicated. Let the outrage begin  If Peas Can Talk Should We Eat Them? 

7,918 miles up: NASA's Blue Marble composite image of the Earth becomes one of the most viewed pictures in the world.

Researchers in Sao Paulo have found that showing arachnophobic patients pictures of spider-like objects (such as Bob Marley) actually helps ease their arachnid fears more>> 

"When Thoreau would go out to gather specimens...he would store them in the lining of his hat, believing that the heat and moisture of his head would keep the plants alive longer." Two plant specimens belonging to Henry D. Thoreau found at UCONN

 Kamikaze Iguanas: Temperatures in the south will plummet again this week. Floridians might want to watch their step

Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) sings the periodic table... more>>

How to Conduct the World's First Electric Fish Orchestra... more>>

In honor of Snowpocalypse 2011...How to Build a Quinzee!

The tubular, if not spurious, realm of ear biometrics... more>>

Jupiter lost his belt, may be in the process of finding it again... more>>