One of the stranger episodes in the aftermath of WW2. The use of Rorschach "Inkblot" Tests on Nazi detainees during the Nuremberg Trials

Active involvement in an unusual event (like preparing a sandwich out of order ) can lead to stronger cognitive flexibility - Thinking Creatively: Just Add Milk

"Sometimes, precision is dangerous, a closed door keeping us from imagining new possibilities...Nothing keeps us motivated like not knowing better" In Praise of Vagueness by Jonah Lehrer

The Bilingual Advantage: Students who speak a second language show a greater ability to focus when asked to find relevant information in the face of distraction

diSFLueNCY: Princeton researchers have found that student retention of material can be significantly improved by presenting reading material in a format that is slightly harder to read (original journal article .pdf)

"The torrent of short-form thinking is actually a catalyst for more long-form meditation." How Tweets and Texts Nurture In-Depth Analysis by Clive Thompson, from Wired January 2011

Kevin Lewis's Daily Roundup of Academic Studies: Serious, Sublime, Surreal & Otherwise

Eclecticism: can different forms of creative expression, even if they be irreconcilable, be valued simultaneously?

"Pack up the kids, honey, we're moving to Fargo." The strange correlation between IQ and temperature... more>>

Humor may lower the brain's threshold for finding remote connections... Tracing the Spark of Creative Problem Solving