On Language

bilingual poems (Season of GriefUnder the Rubble, and Port au Prince) on Goudou Goudou (the Haitian's onomatopoetic word for the devastating earthquake that struck three years ago) reveal, ironically, the playfulness and intricate construction of the Haitian Creole language Writings from Haiti

Flea flicker. Wildcat. Bootleg. Buttonhook. No sport has a more expansive vocabulary than football. The Poetics of Pigskin

15 Wonderful Words With No English Equivalent by Bill DeMain

Zwicky's List: One of the most comprehensive lists of language resources ever!

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"...the word random has gone from being a neutral adjective describing the unexpected and happenstance to one that is loaded with more positive associations having to do with unscripted authenticity." Romancing the Random , article by Akiko Busch