The six decades that spanned renegade folklorist Alan Lomax's life work proved one thing: the world's poorest places often contain the richest musical heritage  The Catcher of Songs (WSJ book review, 2011)

"He was a delta in himself, where all those traditional musical tributaries converged." Verlyn Klinkenborg remembers guitarist Doc Watson

Forget the guitar...the most lucrative instrument in California?... the tuba. Who knew, right? "It was strictly a tuba raid..."

The Oomphalapompatronium: What happens when you combine shop class and music class

Creativity in Music...Rock band Ok Go is working on its new GPS Art Project music video / Best Jazz Albums of 2010 (see also The Improvisational Brain article) / Sondheim withstands the Colbert treatment (video)

Stephen Sondheim: A Life in Music On Oysters, the mystery of creation & what art is all about

Finishing the Hat: An arts review (on Stephen Sondheim) written the way it should be ... by an outsider

 The Orchestrion Project: Guitarist Pat Metheny takes the term one-man-band to a whole new level

"the personality and personal lives of musicians are being more openly recognized as valuable assets."  The New Rock Star Paradigm by Damian Kulash Jr. (lead singer of the band Ok Go) WSJ