His art: coaxing the sweetness out of trees. Tapping a Maple on a Cold Vermont Morning

Margalit Fox's brief narrative of the life of adventurer John Fairfax is the coolest obituary ever written. John Fairfax, Who Rowed Across Oceans, Dies at 74 

Raising The Dead: an amazing story of deep diving the largest underwater cave in the world (from Outside magazine 2005)

The original Space Dive: Joseph Kittinger's 1960 Record Jump from National Geographic November 1960

Outside Magazine's 25 (Essential) Books for the Well-Read Explorer here

Failure doesn't mean "Game Over." It means, 'Try again, with experience." The Necessity of Failure

"It was the year of my adventure." A writer recalls the splendid isolation of his year at sea... more>>

"A sense of mystery, of unattainable knowledge, of places and memories and people remaining lost, is part of being human." - Joan Wickersham, from her article Too Much Information

Self-imposed loneliness as a route to enlightenment? 30 Airports in 30 Days... more>>