"As Einstein said, 'Education is what remains after you have forgotten everything you learnt in school.'" Virtues of Uncertainty, by Guy Claxton, on character education in the 21st century

Interesting Tumblr blog: Dr. Seuss books retitled according to their subtexts (ex: Yertle the Turtle = Why Hitler is Dangerous)

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright takes time out to build a doghouse for a 12-year-old boy "Eddie's House" (via Letters of Note)

Steve Jobs dropped OUT of college, then starting dropping IN on classes he liked...most notably, calligraphy Stanford commencement address 2005

[Coaches] never tell you what to do. Instead, [they] suggest to you, in an extraordinarily inarticulate fashion, what you want to do yourself." Personal Best by Atul Gawande (from the New Yorker)

Our best universities should be making "minds" not "careers." The Disadvantages of an Elite Education by William Deresciewicz (from the American Scholar) 

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Me, in 500 Words or Less A high school senior opines on the creative requirements of applying to some of the top colleges

Indispensability: Studies show that playing a vital role in a team effort should increase motivation.

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