Cruel and Unusual. A Longread article on the gross inconsistency of death drugs used during lethal injection cases.

The "right to be forgotten" can protect us from social shame but it also takes away our freedom to know history ...more>>

"NO! OMG, 4get cursive, it's dead!" Is the day coming when our children will be unable to read the Declaration of Independence? Cursive is Optional

Dozens of critical thinking questions for informed discussion...Issue Topics for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE

The news media has begun misapplying the "historic present" tense to events that have not yet happened (lest we become bored with the future already?) Missing Time Sequence Cuts Clarity

"True love is profoundly selfish"? Love according to Ayn Rand (said to be the most celebrated author among Hollywood celebrities)

Regarding the National Portrait Gallery decision: If excessive art can no longer shock, what does it have to offer?... more>>

Adam Butler Wheeler forged his way into Harvard but then maintained an A/B average until his senior year. The variety of comments here beg some very interesting questions about creative intelligence.

Nine authors and professors discuss the Huckleberry Finn question in NYT Room for Debate (articles only .pdf)

"...the gulf between page and screen is vast, yawning - abysmal, even." How Hollywood Wrecks Children's Literature

Who owns an idea? Numerous articles in this week's news regarding intellectual property... 1) An artist sold his painting now wants control over where it can be shown (AA Bronson vs. National Portrait Gallery) / 2) "...once something becomes software it inevitably becomes free." Will Kindle soon become a verb synonymous with unprotected? (Copyright in the Digital Age) / 3) Artist Jeff Koons's balloon dog fight reveals the quagmire of defining and protecting appropriation art (Bursting Jeff Koons' Bubble)

"Authenticity is invaluable. Originality is non-existent." Thoughts on plagiarism in 2010... more>>