"There's a rumor that people work quickly on your sets because you don't provide chairs." Tim Cahill's 1985 Rolling Stone Interview with Clint Eastwood

"the words soulspiritinner...Take away the concepts, the consensual awareness that gives them life, and you cannot hope to have the thriving of serious art." Translating Emerson into today's language

William Deresiewicz calls into question the creative genius of actor James Franco The Building is Beige 

Introducing: Vanity barcodes ... coming to a superm(A)(R)ke(T) near you!

Strangers in the Night: Is there a cosmic connection between Van Gogh's Starry Night and Jupiter's "Little Red Spot?" 

Steve Mills is a hyper-realist painter whose art is, one must say, controversial. Do you think these are real paintings? If so, how about the commenter who said this is not really art (that "the hand is supposed to add something that the eye cannot") article

[Classic] The Mona Lisa Curse, a 75-minute documentary by art critic Robert Hughes, traces the decline of the art world from aesthetic to commodity. (A good article summarizing each of the 12 six-minute video segments here)

Roger Ebert's praise for "Man in a Blizzard" - a live action short filmed during the New York blizzard of Dec. 26 by Jamie Stuart

Green Eggs and Yoda: Cartoonist Adam Watson juxtaposes Star Wars and Dr. Seuss (his blog here)

The art of Kevin Sudeith is a throwback to, well, the Cretaceous period. Behold, the modern petroglyph... more>>