last updated on 20 October 2018

Newsletter 60
Dream Sequences


Newsletter 59
Geodesic Ciphers, Word Rummy, Connect-the-Dots


Newsletter 58
Beyond Sudoku 2


Newsletter 57
Beyond Sudoku (Shikaku, Nurikabe, Bridges, Slither, Masyu & Nonograms)


Newsletter 56
29 Poems - Spring 2015, Renaming the Months, Greek Sudoku, Tumblr Discussion Pics 


Newsletter 55
HD Abstract Designs (Origami)


Newsletter 54
(OULIPO: Line Stretching & (N+7), printables: The Mad Maze of Dr. M and Scripps Winning Word Searches)


Newsletter 53
(A Superfluity of N[o]uns, Printables: Circle Moon Map, Thinkertoys1, 3 Cubes & Color 4 Puzzles)


Newsletter 52
(Tang Yau Hoong, Pi Words, False AdverTEAsing, 5 Minute FRENZY & Cut & Fold tetrahedron printables)


vol. 2.0 Issue 9 (#51)
(found alphabet, open door puzzle, circle monogram and panel shift printables)


vol. 2.0 Issue 8 (#50)
(SeculaReligious Poetry: 4 theoliterary  works of contemporary verse)

Individual poem .pdfs can be found under Poetry --> Favorites A-Z here


vol. 2.0 Issue 7 (#49)
(Printable Designs - 48 abstract patterns that can be printed and cut to 8" x 8" for Origami)


vol. 2.0 Issue 6 (#48)
(Crossword Poetry, Mystic Roses, Inverted World Map, Impossible Spelling Test, Back from the Klondike puzzle)

(zoom in) (.pdf)


vol. 2.0 Issue 5 (#47)
(Celtic Knot monograms, Magic Square Grid Art, 29 Poems, Escher Alphabet, The Pinocchio Project)

(zoom in) (.pdf)


vol. 2.0 Issue 4 (#46)

(Keith Jarrett, Eternity Knot, Sum10 and Imagination printables)

(zoom in) (.pdf)


Vol. 2.0 Issue 3
(Three Poem Bookmarks, Pentagon/Hexagon Challenge, Creativity & Homonym printables)

(zoom in) (.pdf)


Vol. 2.0 Issue 2 (#44)

(Harris Burdick, Pigpen Cipher, Scrabble & Far Side printables)

(zoom in) (.pdf)


Vol. 2.0 Issue 1 (#43)
(Straight Line Vortex, Confratute Mystery Hunt 2011, Word Ladders, Number Solitaire & Chickenfoot printables)

(zoom in) (.pdf)


VOLUME I (1-42)
(SEPT 2009 - JUNE 2010)
(preview only, use the links below to view files)

[creativity1.1 view] [creativity1.1 .pdf] Grandma Moses, Cool Eye Awards, Hugh Gallagher College Application, Freedom Tower

[creativity1.2 view] [creativity1.2 .pdf] Random Letter Creative Writing, American Gothic, Dante Words, String Spin, Tesnus, TX

[creativity1.3 view] [creativity1.3 .pdf] Equinox, International Day of Peace, Shel Silverstein

[creativity1.4 view] [creativity1.4 .pdf] Digging to China?, Ted Williams, Fun Latin, NASA

[creativity1.5 view] [creativity1.5 .pdf] Missing Week of 1582, Strange Maps, Origami boxes

[creativity1.6 view] [creativity1.6 .pdf] Spirals, Enrichment Calendar, World Food Day

[creativity1.7 view] [creativity1.7 .pdf] Concentric Squares, Happy Birthday Picasso, Prime Number Road Signs, Ashrita Furman

[creativity1.8 view] [creativity1.8 .pdf] Braille Breakdown, Number 5 Magic

[creativity1.9 view] [creativity1.9 .pdf] Word Ladders, Knots, Cubist Poem Reconstruct

[creativity1.10 view] [creativity1.10 .pdf] String Game Anniversary, Ambigrams & Oxymorons, Berlin Wall Anniversary Collage

[creativity1.11 view] [creativity1.11 .pdf] Biggest Drawing in the World, Six Word Stories, Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

[creativity1.12 view] [creativity1.12 .pdf] Pop-Up Paper Cutting, The Number 42

[creativity1.13 view] [creativity1.13 .pdf] Hurricane Season, More Strange Maps, Scott Kim Circles Puzzle

[creativity1.14 view] [creativity1.14 .pdf] Zip Code Aerial Art, String Game (Alabama), Periodic Table Anagram, Eiffel Tower

[creativity1.15 view] [creativity1.15 .pdf] Remembering William Safire, Flight of the Bumblebee, Numbers A-Z Puzzle

[creativity1.16 view] [creativity1.16 .pdf] Lost in Negative Space (Necker Cube), Dilemma, Jeopardy Bingo "NUMB3RS", Big 10 Conference

[creativity1.17 view] [creativity1.17 .pdf] Times Square Ball, Most Remote Place on Earth, Anamonics

[creativity1.18 view] [creativity1.18 .pdf] Jupiter's Moons, Kamikaze Iguanas, Highway Wit, the Equator

[creativity1.19 view] [creativity1.19 .pdf] AVATAR, Shakespearian Paradelle, Creative Cravats

[creativity1.20 view] [creativity1.20 .pdf] The Birthday Problem, Alphanumeric Mnemonics, Chinese Checkerboard

[creativity1.21 view] [creativity1.21 .pdf] Jackson Pollock, Linked Miscellany, Impossible Spelling Test

[creativity1.22 view] [creativity1.22 .pdf] Ulysses, Norman Rockwell, The 7-11 Problem

[creativity1.23 view] [creativity1.23 .pdf] Pi Primes & Pixel Pattern Palettes, Betelgeuse, Mystery File #1

[creativity1.24 view] [creativity1.24 .pdf] Mount Rushmore by the Numbers, Winter on the Web, Pangram (Eye Chart)

[creativity1.25 view] [creativity1.25 .pdf] GIMP distortions, Sum 13 Puzzle, Tropical Spoonerism

[creativity1.26 view] [creativity1.26 .pdf] Dr. Seuss Day, Cool Orange Things, Antarctica's 300 Club

[creativity1.27 view] [creativity1.27 .pdf] Syzygy, Found Alphabet, buffalo buffalo buffalo

[creativity1.28 view] [creativity1.28 .pdf] Geographic Midpoint Calculator (The 7 Summits), Destination X "High Fives"

[creativity1.29 view] [creativity1.29 .pdf] The Birthday Bard Mystery, 4x4 Magic Square, Flickrspiration

[creativity1.30 view] [creativity1.30 .pdf] (30th Issue) The 30 Coolest Ad-Free Websites

[creativity1.31 view] [creativity1.31 .pdf] BookNotes: Founding Brothers, Draw-A-Bird Day, Creativity Design Test, Absurd Patents

[creativity1.32 view] [creativity1.32 .pdf] Musical Highway, "The Introduction" Remix Poem

[creativity1.33 view] [creativity1.33 .pdf] Google Earth Day Mystery Hunt

[creativity1.34 view] [creativity1.34 .pdf] Lewis & Clark 1of3, 3 Shapes in 1, TWIH: Oldsmobile, Fur Elise, Coin Codes

[creativity1.35 view] [creativity1.35 .pdf] Lewis & Clark 2of3, Remembering the Old Man of the Mountain

[creativity1.36 view] [creativity1.36 .pdf] Lewis & Clark 3of3, Origami Flexagons

[creativity1.37 view] [creativity1.37 .pdf] The Spotted Zebra Puzzle, Favorite daFonts A-Z, Sistene Chapel

[creativity1.38 view] [creativity1.38 .pdf] NATO Alphabet Codes, Scott Kim Donut Puzzle, 25 Obscure Colleges, WC 2014

[creativity1.39 view] [creativity1.39 .pdf] The Vision of Kazuya Akimoto

[creativity1.40 view] [creativity1.40 .pdf] World Oceans Day, vuvuzelas

[creativity2.1 view] [creativity2.1 .pdf] ABC's of Anagrams, Dalton Ghetti, Animal Alphabet Poem

[creativity2.2 view] [creativity2.2 .pdf] GeoXpeditions Map Game, GeoPuns, EgyptiaNumeracy

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